Sunday, January 15, 2017


I finally got hold of all the pictures my dad took during our Christmas in Germany. We have sooo many amazing memories. I narrowed the pictures down to highlight some of the fun things we did...

We took several BEAUTIFUL walks. These were some of my favorite times.

We spent one full day at Europa Park (their version of Disneyland). It was sooo fun! My mom has been having a lot of trouble with her foot for the past year. She had to opt out of a few of our outings, but we were able to get her a wheelchair for this day, which made all the difference!

It was one of the colder days we had. There is nothing better than a pizza dinner in a warm restaurant at the end of a long day!!

We went to the most beautiful, authentic little Christmas market in France. It was amazing and so gorgeous!!

Here we are the night before Christmas wrapping presents.  I was able to pack the kids' stocking toys and a couple presents so they could have things to open.

Here we are Christmas morning. We loved to have the fireplace (on Netflix) "lit"/on whenever possible. It always gave such a cozy feel. :)

We watched a couple episodes of Little House on the Prairie (Christmas episodes). It brought back such great memories of when I would watch this show every single day as a kid. :)

On the day before we left, we took the kids to an awesome indoor playground. The adults sat and talked while the kids ran everywhere. :)

Chris and I participated a little as well ;)

It was such a great way to spend Christmas and we couldn't have asked for a better present. Thanks, mom and dad, for treating us to an amazing Christmas trip! And thanks, Susan and Chris, for being such wonderful hosts!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, oh, my!!! It brought tears to my eyes to look at these pictures. It was such a woooooooooooooooooooonderful, incredible, sweet, fun, time!!!

Susan said...

So fun!!! Love the pictures. =) It really was a great time - thanks for making the trip!

Jessica said...

So fun, that indoor playground looks great! How neat that you guys could take that trip.