Saturday, January 28, 2017

oreo dream

*On Thursday Cam had his Taekwando belt testing. He did great and we were so proud of him. He had toyed with the idea of quitting about a month ago. After lots of talks, we figured out it was because he felt behind the rest of his classmates. We came up with a "training plan" for him to get back on track. He worked really hard and I think he's back on board now. :)

*After his testing, I drove out to meet Jen for dinner. We had such a nice night. It's sad that we so rarely get together. It was great to catch up without kids interrupting. :)

*This morning my dad drove out to take Cam on a long bike ride. Despite the super annoying wind, they had a great ride.

*During the bike ride, the quad girls came over for "movie morning". They all wore their P.J.'s and we first drove up to get a movie (from Redbox) and donuts. Kendall was beyond excited.

*Chris and I are looking forward to finishing our cheesecake tonight from last week's visit to The Cheesecake Factory. We stuck our leftovers in the freezer and I've been looking forward to mine all week! I got my favorite, Oreo Dream Extreme, and Chris got a German Chocolate piece. :)

Best flavor ever!!!

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Anonymous said...

So proud of Cameron! I'm interested to see his catch-up plan. And a movie morning in PJ's--fun.