Sunday, January 29, 2017

golf dinner

*I saw this on the internet last week. I'm probably a 4...trying to get to a 3. I don't think I'll ever get to a 1.
*Today was nice and relaxing. I was able to bake, watch TV (wow, did I cry hard at last week's This is Us), and just have down time. Chris even got to golf as he found a location where the wind wasn't blowing a zillion miles per hour, like it has been here the past several days. :(

Kendall spent a good chunk of time building a fort with the quads:

 *Tonight we had dinner at the golf course.

*It's official, after finishing my Oreo cheesecake last night, it has surpassed Pumpkin Crunch Cake as my favorite dessert of all time.

*We recently added vacuuming to the kids' chores. Cameron does the upstairs and Kendall the down. It's pretty awesome to not have that on my to-do list.

*I've been extra thankful for a few of the people I work with lately. Last week I texted one of my coworkers that I needed to get back to her on something as I was on the verge of tears due to some extra work I had not anticipated. She wrote back asking what specifically she could do to take stuff off my plate. While I didn't take her up on her offer (she is just as overwhelmed as I am!), it meant a great deal to me and reminded me again how fortunate I am to truly love the people I work with.

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Jessica said...

That coffee pic is funny. I'm a 1!! :) But only if it's good coffee. If it's cheap nasty coffee I become a 3.

That cheesecake looks intense! Lol.