Sunday, January 8, 2017

i'm weird

*Yesterday we went out to the desert. We started at Barnes and Noble. Cameron is currently obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes and Peanuts books.

We followed that by a monster Costco list:
*Peanut Butter
*Veggie Straws
*Dishwasher soap
*Angus Cheeseburgers
*English Muffins
*Fettucini Alfredo
*Toilet Paper

*On the way to the desert, I explained to Chris a realization I  recently had. The reason I keep our house so cold is that I don't like artificial heat. It's quite weird, but when the heat is cranked in the house or car, I feel stuffy and yucky. If there is a fire place, I love to sit in front of it. But for some reason, I don't like when a house is super warm... warmed by a heater. Weird. That got me thinking about other weird things about myself:

-It bothers me when people have their windshield wipers on higher than they need to be (like if it is only a light sprinkling). It's hard for me to not focus on the fact that the wipers are needlessly going too fast.

-I hate crumbs on our counters (specifically on our island). I'm constantly leaning down to eye level so as to see how many crumbs are scattered about.

-I'd rather not have coffee/hot chocolate at all unless it's scalding. When we were in Germany at an indoor playplace, I was freezing and they were offering all adults a free hot beverage. I was bummed to not even partake because they don't serve their drinks very hot in Germany.

-Every night I triple/quadruple check our oven controls to make sure they are completely turned off.

-I only open my soda cans a tiny bit. I don't ever open them all the way. This drives Chris crazy when he asks for a drink.

-I usually make 2-3 drafts of grocery lists. My final draft is done according to the layout of the store. With that said, when we are at Costco, I will often lose said list as we walk around (typically I accidentally throw it away with a sample wrapper). This also drives Chris crazy. :)

-I've never been a huge pudding fan. However when I do eat it, I have to take tiny bites. Big bites of pudding gross me out.

-I feel like I keep a pretty tidy house as far as stuff/clutter is concerned. My closet, however, always looks like a tornado hit it.

I'm sure there are dozens of other weird things about me, but that is all I can think of for now. :)

*We've made some changes to Peanut's cage that will hopefully make biting less frequent. We went back and forth on options to deal with him, but we finally decided to give him another shot. I hope I don't regret it... :(


Jessica said...

I write my grocery list according to the layout of the store as well :)

I'm surprised you can handle a cold house. I am wimpy with that, I hate when I feel like I can't warm up. What temp do you keep your house at?

I hate not only crumbs on my counters but also clutter, lol. I can't go to bed with cluttered or dirty counters in my kitchen.

That Costco list is small on my standards, lol... But I only go once a month if that.

Anonymous said...

Okay, it does seem a bit weird that someone so organized she makes 2-3 drafts of a shopping list then loses it at the store. :)