Tuesday, October 7, 2008

baby mama update

I had my first doc's appointment today. Chris went with me because we knew we would be able to see the heartbeat, which we did. Seemed just as special as when we saw it with Cameron. Other than that, there was nothing to exciting about the appointment, unless you call the fact that I've gained 7 pounds in 8 weeks exciting. In my defense, the majority of it is legitimate as I'm sooo much more hungry this time than with Cam and need to eat so much just to make myself feel better. However I don't think I can claim that defense last night as I was quite full with dinner, but proceeded to polish off two pieces of chocolate cake.

Before the appointment, we dropped Cam off at my parents' house. After the appointment, we went to lunch at Red Robin and then to see Eagle Eye. It was a fun action movie, but a little too far fetched for my liking. I love sci-fi movies, but if the movie is trying to play itself off as plausible, when it totally couldn't be, I'm a bit annoyed.

All in all, it was a great Tuesday!


be_a_Mary said...

YAY!! I am soooo glad that you heard the heartbeat and are feeling good!! VERY exciting!!

Mom said...

Yes, seeing that little heartbeat is such a miracle. And Cameron was a such a fun little guest.

Where'd you get the chocolate cake?

heidi said...

Oooh, maybe it's a girl. I was constantly eating when I was pregnant with my girls:)

Team Harry said...

So glad you saw the heartbeat.... I ate alot with both my kids!!!

The Urke Family said...

i don't know why, but i have a feeling it's gonna be a girl..do you get to find out in decemberish..or is that too soon still?