Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My first:
Car: Nissan Sentra. I loved this car, except sometimes it would start to shake when I would go 65mph. :)
Boyfriend: Chris. He was my first and last, although I did have to come clean a while back and let him know that my first kiss was actually with Richard in kindergarten. I kissed him about 3 times on the cheek during a movie in class. I only did it b/c my best friend had done it too. I know, scandalous.
Trip out of the country: Besides Mexico, it was to Guatemela on a missions trip during my junior year of high school.
Bad Grade: It was in Geometry in high school. I still to this day think higher math is a complete waste of time unless you are pursuing some career which would require it (to which you could then learn it for that!)
Accident: This is quite minor, but I think it counts. When I just had my permit, I begged my parents to let me drive around the block. I accidentally put the car into drive (I was in the garage) and smashed into the ping pong table that was in front of me.
Job: Campus Crusade Christian Conference Center-gift shop
Sewing project: a purple and green gym bag in my home economics class in high school. For some odd reason I used to LOVE the color combo of purple and green.
Favorite meal: the furthest back I can remember was my mom's fried rice. I don't think it was anything that special. I just loved it and I remember requesting it on my birthday.

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Mom said...

Yes, you DID love that fried rice!