Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last night Peyt and Liesl treated us to dinner at Cheesecake Factory. It was fun to see them again. We used to go a lot when we lived out in OC, so it now makes the times we get to go that much more fun. I LOVED my meal. It was just a plain hamburger, but it was delicious. Peyt and I split a heavenly chocolate cake for dessert. We usually split b/c we share a love for decadent chocolate while Liesl and Chris are a little more on the wimpy side and can't handle "rich" things.

Today we went to church and I discovered Cam loves to sit in with me during the opening worship. As long as the songs are upbeat (with lots of drums), he is quite content to sit in my lap and clap along. So cute! Later this afternoon we headed over to the mall play area to let Cam run around, then ended the day at Spaghetti Factory.

Tonight after Cam goes down we have sooo much tivo to catch up on, however it has been put on hold for some very important baseball games that have been on. Luckily I have a new magazine to browse while Chris watches.


Team Harry said...

Awww... so fun!! I miss dinner w/ the 4 of you!! I think taking the kids into church for worship time is such a great example for the kids. My kids raise their hands and love it!!

Mom said...

Such a nice weekend. What a cute mental picture of Cam sitting on your lap clapping during the praise songs.

The Urke Family said...

wow, cheesecake factory AND spaghetti factory in One weekend! that IS a good weekend!

Natalie said...

He is so cute Kelly! How are you guys? What are you up to these days? I may be driving down south in the next month and I was telling Cheryl I would love to try to get all of you together and see you and your kiddies!! My email is and I think you already have our blogsite url.