Sunday, October 12, 2008


Over the past several months, Chris's interest in golf has really taken off. He has known how to play his whole life as his grandparents would often take he and his brother out when they were kids. But it wasn't until recently that he started to really enjoy it and want to play it often. Fortunately his schedule allows him the opportunity to play at non-peek times, making it so it isn't as expensive. A few times, people that he has played with have asked him if his wife plays, to which he always responds "no". In thinking about golf, here are some thoughts:

*It would be something fun for Chris and I to do together
*I would know more of what Chris is talking about when he shares with me about his game
*It does seem like it would be quite relaxing to be out on those beautiful courses

*It is expensive! Seems unwise to try and force an interest on my part when an interest would equal more money to shell out
*It is time consuming...meaning we would need babysitting for Cam...again more money (unless my mom did it every time)
*For some reason, I just don't have a desire to learn. Seems difficult, to the point of pointless to me to try and hit such a little ball such a long distance and into such a tiny hole

Who knows...maybe down the road when the kids are grown I might consider giving it a try. But for now, I'm content to let it be Chris's hobby.

Here is Cameron helping his dad clean the golf balls. He loves to see the balls plop into the bucket of water. :)


Team Harry said...

What a great job for Cam!!

Glen would love for me to play golf with him. I want to try but honestly I think it would be something I do only for 'HIM'...

I've never understood why men like to hit a golfball and then chase it around : )

JJ said...

Hey Kelly, I had to take up golf for work and it's shocked me how much I've learned to like it! Thankfully, I haven't actually had to pay to play too many times, but I can see how it would be something fun to do together. First of all, you guys could have a lot of fun just going to the driving range together. As Cam get's older, there are probably a ton of juniors classes that he could take, too. And golf really helps little ones with coordination. If he sees Mommy doing it, too, it might make him want to try it even more! Also, golf is an opportunity for cute new outfits, too! : )

be_a_Mary said...

For a while i used to go to the driving range with Curtis. It was less money to do it that way. I'd just share balls with him and hit 15 or 20 and then sit on the grass and watch him the rest of the time. I have once paid to drive along in the cart, which was GREAT. i really enjoyed it (though i wouldn't do it now since it would require a sitter). we had a nice afternoon together chatting and being outside. my mom has recently begun golfing with my dad and they enjoy it together. i keep thinking that when our kids are older i will be more apt to pick it up. :)

susan said...

Yeah, I kind of feel similarly about coffee. Why try to make myself like something that is just a drain on the pocketbook? But then with golf, I think about "A Severe Mercy." Have you read that? If not, you should. I'll make you.

Ross and Amy Free said...

If you pay for the flight I will come out and give Chris a lesson. Just kidding, I'm not that good.