Wednesday, October 22, 2008

overstayed my welcome

This morning at Walmart, I plopped Cam down in an aisle to play with his favorite toys as I sat across from him on a low shelf. I had noticed a clerk doing some stocking and a few minutes later she came walking down the aisle:

Clerk: Can I help you with something? (irritated look on her face)
Kelly: No thanks. I'm just letting him play.
Clerk: Well, would you mind not sitting on my shelf? (very snippy like)
Kelly: Sure.

My thinking: She probably recognizes me as "the girl who brings her kid here all the time just to sit and play with toys". Yes, I have absolutely no intention of buying any of the toys Cam plays with (am I really going to spend $59 on a talking Elmo doll???). Maybe I should rethink my abuse of the free play time, but I highly doubt there is a "no loitering" rule for the Walmart toy aisle.


Team Harry said...

Did you feel like a child being reprimanded?? : )

Don't second guess if you can take him to play with toys or not.. I think it's a great free activity and your not doing any harm.

Plus I'm sure you buy something in the store every once in awhile while you are there.

Mom said...

Sometimes I wonder if a polite response causes a person to regret they asked unkindly. For some, yes, but for others, sadly no.