Wednesday, October 15, 2008

happy birthday!!!

Today is Chris's 29th birthday. Last night we celebrated at my parents, tonight he has requested his favorite dinner (white chicken enchiladas), and Saturday night we'll celebrate at Cheesecake Factory with our good friends Peyt and Liesl (Liesl also has the same birthday). Basically it is a birthday week. :)

Sometimes Chris and I like to play the game of, "If you could do anything today, what would it be?". If I could plan the perfect birthday for Chris, it would probably include:

*Breakfast at some pancake house
*18 hole round of golf
*Lunch at Claim Jumpers
*Movie (probably Appaloosa--which I would have to bow out of)
*Dinner at Outback

So happy birthday Chris. I know today won't be as exciting as it would have been pre-kids, but I hope you still have fun. You truly deserve it for being the most amazing, selfless husband/dad I could ever ask for!!


Mom said...

Ditto that last sentence! How blessed we are to have Chris as our son-in-law!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Robert and Liz Crews said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!!

Team Harry said...

Wow!! I forgot how young Chris is!!

Happy Birthday!!

Enjoy the last year of your 20's!! It only gets better from here!!

God Bless You!!

aunt noonie and Deb said...

happy belated birthday Chris. Deb and I will celebrate this wonderful day with you, Cam and Kelly on Nov. 1 weekend. So much more ahead of you truely are a wonderful husband, father and best friend.