Wednesday, November 12, 2008

heartbeats and disneyland

We had our second OB visit today. It went smoothly and it was fun to see how much our little one has grown, in addition to the fun in hearing her/his heartbeat. We have the official ultrasound scheduled for Dec. 23 in which we will find out the sex. I can hardly wait!

Tomorrow Cam and I are headed on a grand adventure. We are going to Disneyland with Jen, her daughter Ella, and Kristen (my friend visiting from Washington). Kristen's cousin is going to get us all in for free as he is employed by Disney. What a treat!! I'll be honest and say I was hesitant at first when I received the invitation. The cycle of worries as to how Cam will do started with a vengeance. But I'm under strict instructions by both that I'm not allowed to stress or worry. So far so good as I'm really looking forward to the day. Hopefully I'll have some great pictures to share tomorrow!!


Team Harry said...

Disneyland sounds like fun!! I can't wait to see all the cute pics!! If Cam doesn't deal with Mickey very well...know that my kids didn't either.

Glad to hear your appt went good!! Can't wait to find out what your having too!! Excited for you!! Love you all!!

Jessica said...

How awesome, have fun!

Mom said...

Can't wait to hear about Disneyland!

Right now I'm smelling my tri-tip in the crockpot and can hardly wait until dinner!

Team Harry said...

Tri Tip in the crock?? Please give your Mom my email address so she can send me the recipe... We love tri tip and I love my crock!! : )