Thursday, November 13, 2008

horsies! horsies!

I'm laying in bed, utterly pooped. But pooped in a great way. We had such a fun day. We got to Disneyland at 10:00 and stayed until about 3:00. Cameron did so well! Both parks weren't very crowded and we were able to go on several rides. Cameron's favorite, of course, was the carousel, both at CA Adventure and Disneylanad. As soon as he saw it, he started saying, "Horsies! Horsies!".

We felt like we had a nice, relaxing time and didn't feel pressured to see everything seeing as we didn't have to pay for our tickets. We enjoyed a nice lunch and walked around at our own pace. It was so fun to catch up with Kristen and hang out just the three of us. I'm so thankful I went. They only thing we were disappointed in was not being able to go on Peter Pan (the line was too long) and It's a Small World (under repairs). It was also interesting to see things through the eyes of little Ella and Cameron. For instance, I didn't realize rides like Snow White were so dark, not theme-wise, but literally dark. Both kids did ok, but you just don't remember the rides in that way because the last time I went, I was obviously not concerned about how a child would react!

Kristen's cousin took this picture. It was so awesome that he just slid us right in when it would have cost us a couple hundred dollars to all go!

I was a little sketchy about doing the t-cups but I knew Cam would like it. It isn't that bad as long as you don't turn the wheel in the middle and just let the ride glide you around.

Hands down Cam's favorite ride. He has never been good at smiling on command for a picture, so I was so excited Kristen got this one!


Mom said...

Oh, that's awesome that you had such a good time! I'm SO glad you went, too. I've gotta have a print of the one of you & Cam on the carousel...just gotta.

Wow--I've never seen Main Street so uncrowded.

Jessica said...

how fun that you got in for free... and that it wasn't crowded! Looks like you had a great day :)

be_a_Mary said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you had a good time!! i love this time of the year at disneyland--it is so beautiful. and i love going during the week too, when there aren't any lines or people. and that it was free, well, that is the BEST part!! :) glad Cam did well too!!

susan said...

I'm THRILLED that Cam did so well and you had a great time! Good for you for getting over your hesitancy and going. Yeah for fun girlfriends too. =)