Thursday, December 6, 2012


Yesterday we went to Disneyland with my parents.  My dad is always trying to get Cam to go on roller coasters and scary rides.

Yesterday he and Chris were standing at the entrance of California Screaming for a while trying to convince Cam to go.  Finally my dad informed him that he would pay him two dollars to go.  That was all Cam needed to hear! His mind immediately went to getting some Legos with his money (poor kid doesn't realize $2 would buy about two pieces!!)  Cam came of the ride saying how "awesome" it was, but when asked if he wanted to do it again, his answer was "no". :)

On a sidenote, Chris took this picture because he thought it rather funny.  We got a sample at the bakery at CA Adventure and since I'm a doughy baked good fan, I ate the middle and then threw the rest away. :)


Jessica said...

hahaha, that post cracked me up :) Glad Cam survived the scary part, he worked hard for his $2.00!

ANd the bread.... hahaha. If only they had a cheese factory!!! :)

Teresa DiMillo said...

I am right there with you! I like the center of the bread best. I eat the middle out and throw the rest away, or give it to my mom who likes the crust. We make a perfect pair :) Todd likes the crust too, so I always get the middle.