Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas recap

We celebrated Christmas with my parents last Saturday.  We started out with a beautiful hike in Oak Glen.  We then had dinner/gifts later at their house.  It was the perfect day. :)

Cam helped act out the Christmas story with the Nativity scene pieces.

As soon as we arrived to my parents, Mr. TV expert got to work hooking up my parents' new TV. :)

One of my highlights (both with my parents and up north) was watching Cameron open the Lego sets he received, especially the two main ones he had been asking for for a few months.  His reactions were classic...sooo much excitement!

On Sunday we headed up north to my in-laws.  We had an awesome time .

Here we are on Christmas Eve at John's Incredible Pizza. To say the kids had a great time is an understatement. :)

Christmas morning was filled with opening presents and letting the kids play with their new toys.  One of the favorites for the kids and dads were these headband/headlights Chris' parents bought.  Here they are taking a night walk to test them out. :)

We had a great time, enjoyed super yummy food (like the best cake ever), and the end of our stay even included a pedicure thanks to Chris' mom (so relaxing to sit and talk with my SIL).  We had a long ride home due to traffic, but there was no question the trip was worth every minute on that freeway. :)

This morning was spent unpacking while Cam occupied himself with his Lego and Kendall did what Kendall does, farted around. :)  After being in the house for several hours, I decided to get us out so we took a cold but nice walk to the park for a picnic lunch.

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Anonymous said...

You may just win the prize for "best Christmas" of all the people I've talked with.

When August comes, I hereby request that you make that pumpkin crunch cake for my birthday.