Wednesday, December 12, 2012

*Yesterday I invited a few girls from my table at Tmoms for a picnic and then to the Loma Linda University Hospital's lobby.  I had heard there was an awesome gingerbread house exhibit.  I'm not sure it was quite awesome enough to warrant a special trip, but it was A) Something to do on a Tuesday afternoon and B) Something we've never done :)

*Want to know the sign of a good teacher?  That her student still comes to visit her 3 years later.  Well, I guess mainly the student's mom wanted to visit since she made a lasting and HUGE changes with  Cameron and I will forever and ever be grateful.  :)  Here he is with two of the aides he also had.

*Advent has been a HUGE hit with the kids.  It's the first thing they want to do in the morning.  The two biggest hits have been opening "sugar cereal" one morning and a 99 cent store purchase of stained glass ornaments with paint.  Here is Kendall giving her's a go. :)

*This morning's Advent contained a note telling the kids that this afternoon we would do some Christmas baking.  We made Christmas shaped scones so I could just pop them in the freezer for Tmoms on Friday.  I made Chocolate Chip Scones.  They were good, but made so much better with the addition of some extra chocolate glaze. :)

*My mom ended up getting us the Jesus Storybook Bible which we have been reading daily with our Advent.  It is the best kids' Bible I've ever read.  Ever.

*At this very moment my friend Jen is in labor!!!  I'm so excited to hear not only the sex of their baby but the name!!  Here we are a few weeks ago.  We squeezed in a trip to Disneyland before baby arrived.  We had such a great time.


Jessica said...

-So fun that Jen is in labor and that you could squeeze in a trip to Disneyland! I'm jealous... I want to take my kids so badly.

-I've had to make it a rule that Ethan is not aloud to come bug me at 6:30 about opening the Advent bag when I'm not yet awake, lol. I told him he has to wait until I come out of my bedroom to start asking. I guess I should be glad they are so excited about it ;)

-Can't wait to try a scone ;)

So funny, we have that same Bible, and everyone raves about it, but it's not our fave... we feel like it's too fluffy, lol.

Anonymous said...

Ouuuu, I'd say that is a pretty cool gingerbread house exhibit...and a fun thing to do with other moms.

So glad you and the kids are both liking the Jesus Storybook Bible. They will gradually get accustomed to the fact that the whole Old Testament is leading up to and pointing to Jesus.