Sunday, December 16, 2012


I was in a rather foul mood yesterday morning.  I wasn't very patient with the kids. Then I got mad at myself for not having an abundance of patience with them considering what has been happening back East and how incredibly blessed I am in light of the heartbreak those parents are dealing with.  Then I got mad at myself because only a few minutes later I felt exasperated with the kids again even after making myself think about how fortunate I was to have my little ones still with me.

Anyway, Chris offered to take the kids to the desert and let me have a few hours to myself, but I also oddly didn't want to be away from my off we all four went.  We ended up having a fun time and it helped my mood and I was happy to have gone. :)

Here we are at Barnes and Noble.  I even got a few minutes to browse a cook book while the kids read/played.

Costco was on the agenda for lunch and I'm glad I didn't eat much because the store was filled with tons of samples which included more chocolate than I had ever seen.

Last night we watched another episode of The Pacific.  It was a nice day, however I'll be honest and say while our outing was fun, I just couldn't shake my mood.  Not sure the reason, but sometimes I guess you just have those days.  Hopefully today will be better. :)

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Anonymous said...

So sorry you had a funk day. And, yes, isn't it ironic that we can get irritated with all the interruptions of kids...want some time without the interruptions...but then miss them as soon as they're gone? HA! Just shows what a loving mom you are.

Just a reminder that giving the kids their "special room time" & sitting down with a cup of tea (or,in your case, hot chocolate)& listening to a praise song & reading a Scripture passage (like Psalm 111, John 14, Romans 8 or Phil. 4)& a blessed relief & refocusing time.

But then I know you know that...and sometimes we just have to endure & "get on the other side" of a funk day.