Monday, December 17, 2012

*I think people who drink soda fall into two categories, the cola and non-cola drinkers (non-cola meaning Sprite, 7-Up, Mt. Dew...anything not dark).  I'm cola ALL the way and would prefer not to have any soda if it's not a cola.  My drink of choice is Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.  So when Chris came home the other day with a new Holiday flavor of a non-cola, I was skeptical...until I tried it.  This stuff is so yummy and refreshing!!  Too bad it's only around for Christmas :(
*This morning's Advent was a note telling the kids that they each had $5 to spend at a craft store (Michael's) we would go to this afternoon.  I was excited when they chose (slightly swayed by me!) to combine their money and get a gingerbread house kit.  :)

*If you have ABCFamily and can find the movie, "12 Dates of Christmas", record it!  It is by far my favorite Christmas movie this year. :)

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