Sunday, December 9, 2012

*I was trying to find an old picture and started reading some of my blog posts from a few years back.  I found a couple of interesting things.  What I said long ago is in blue.  My current comments follow. 

Back in 2008: One of my favorite shows is John and Kate + 8. Chris will often watch it with me, however he tends to get annoyed with the way Kate talks to her husband (she can get rather condescending). Obviously it's interesting what ended up happening to their marriage, I think in large part due to what annoyed both Chris and I about how she treated her husband.

Back in 2008:  (I was listing restaurants which had recently opened in our city) Weinersnitchel- do I even need to comment on this one?? Yucky!  Wow was I a snob or what?!  Funny how we LOVE the place now and there is actually a menu item I rate a 9!!!  It's just a plain hot dog but served on a pretzel bun.  SUPER yummy!!  :) 

*This afternoon was a very large grocery trip to both Winco and Costco.  Afterward we stopped at Portillos for Chris to get a chocolate cake shake (his brother introduced him to it a while ago).  I'm not a big milkshake fan but it is rather unique.  It literally tastes like they blended the whole slice of cake, frosting and all. 

*Chris and I borrowed The Pacific from my parents.  So far it's very good.  I really enjoy books and movies about WWII.


Anonymous said...

Since you're watching a series about the Pacific theater in WWII, you would enjoy listening to the "Who Was Toyko Rose?" segment in "What You Missed in History Class." Thanks for introducing me to the podcast.

Kelly said...

Yes, I've already listened to that one, mom. Fascinating!