Monday, December 3, 2012

the past several days...

*The kids LOVE going for walks at night with Zoe.  There are lots of Christmas lights to see.  I have yet to accompany them but I know I will soon.  Chris said it can get interesting. :) A son who likes to run + a dog who likes to run + Christmas decorations in lawns = a small amount of chaos.

*I can't believe I have never made gingerbread men cookies.  We made them the other day and they are quite fun. :)

*I finally got my act together and am doing Advent with the kids this year.  I spent a long time searching for scripture verses to read each day and never found ones I thought were good plus short enough for their attention spans (I finally read somewhere about a kid's Bible that has the exact sections I needed, but it was too late).  Anyway, next year I'll have those included.  For this year, each day contains a fun little surprise.  I've seen VERY creative ways to display your Advent, but I opted for clear bags hung on our mantel (courtesy 99 Cent store).

This morning's Advent surprise was a box of "sugar cereal".  They were ELATED!!

Cameron is very into the human body and how it works.  I cracked up when I was cleaning out the car and realized he had lugged our Medical Encyclopedia all the way downstairs for some reading on our car rides. :)

*It's quite possible that if you stumble into our kitchen throughout the day you might find me digging in the Cheez-it bag for the burnt ones.  I like them REALLY dark. :)

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Jessica said...

My kids are loving the Advent bags too, and we just got our Elf on the Shelf yesterday.... so much fun.

I'm sure your ideas are much more creative than mine :)