Tuesday, March 19, 2013

exactly how our "big chicken bakes" work...

So here is the breakdown of our chicken bakes.  This past week we bought $48 worth at Staters (we only buy when it's $1.99 a pound).  This amount included a bottle of Italian dressing, which is what we use for a marinade.  I find this flavor to be very versatile, even in Mexican dishes.

After BBQ'ing, chopping them up, then dividing them all into baggies weighing 4 oz. each (yes, I weigh each one so I can know the exact portions), it amounted to 57 baggies.  Not too bad!

This will last us QUITE a while especially since I don't end up eating much of it.  No, I have not become a vegetarian. :) I just don't eat much meat at all anymore for a variety of reasons.   I mainly like having it on hand for Chris' lunches.  I typically make him a wrap or chicken and rice, both which are made soo much easier by having a bunch of these in the freezer. :)

Cameron loved making a tally chart as I loaded the baggies into the big bag. :)

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Anonymous said...

You are so good at doing this regularly. I just bet Cam DID love keeping that chart.