Saturday, March 2, 2013

*LOVE this weather!  Yesterday after school we headed to the park.  Kendall had been talking about this park for a few days because it had a merry go round.  Ironically she didn't ride it much since there were "too many kids" on it. :)

*Last night Kendall had a cupcake.  Here she is eating/licking the wrapper.  I know we should put an end to the habit, but Chris and I think it's so funny/cute because we'll often look over and she is licking her dessert plate, drinking her empty bowl of ice cream, etc.  Sidenote:  I thinks she takes after her Papa with this habit. :)

*Last night was one of the oddest nights in a loooong time.  Cam woke at 11:00pm to pee, but then couldn't go back to sleep...until 4:00am.  5 hours.  Not a wink.  We tried everything (letting him read, turning off his clock, watching TV, etc.)  I can tell he is going to be extra sensitive and on edge today (who wouldn't be after a night like that??) I sure hope this is a fluke since he is normally a great sleeper.

*Chris was gone yesterday to OC for business.  I planned a super yummy dinner once the kids went down to accompany a Hallmark movie I had recorded.  Earlier I had stopped by El Burrito in Redlands and purchased one flour tortilla (the best ever!).  I filled it with rice, cheese, sour cream, and crushed tortilla chips.  Those chips added so much flavor and texture.  Yum!!

*I never thought seeing your kids play together would be one of the sweetest things of my day to watch. Yesterday the kids spent most of "special upstairs time" in this chair.  Kendall would pinch Cam's nose and they would both giggle as he talked in his nasal voice.  I love it. :)

*Right now Chris has the kids at "breakfast #2" (a.k.a donuts).  I'm watching some good ol' 90210 reruns.  Not sure what it is about this show that makes me all nostalgic about college days, gathered together in Jen's room with friends each week to watch, no responsibilities other than studying and having fun....ahhhh... :)


Jessica said...

I agree, my kids playing together is always fun :) That's why I constantly photograph it, lol. It's great that they can be buddies.

Boo on having Cam awake for 5 hours, that's so crazy!!!! I'll bet the next day was tiring!

Did they say anything at El Burrito when you only bought one tortilla? haha. I agree, they are the best. When Matt has traveled out of town I've made myself a yummy dinner he wouldn't like :) Makes it a more enjoyable evening.

Jen Scholte said...

Those were the days!!! Every Wed night when it was "open dorm night" and boys were allowed in! :) Oh the memories! And I love it's SO fun to watch your kids play with eachother and establish that bond they will have forever!!