Wednesday, March 27, 2013

*My homemade refried beans turned out well except that the recipe I used called for too much pepper.  I do think I will make them again since they are super easy and cheap.  I was skeptical about freezing them, however my MIL and SIL convinced me I I'll give it a try.

I did not pose Kendall for this pic.  This is what she did as soon as I opened the lid of the crock pot with the beans (which had cooked overnight).  I'll be honest, they don't make your house smell like roses.

*Last night I experimented with Wonton wrappers.  They are very low in calories and I had seen a few recipes using them in muffin tins.  I made enchilada filling and filled each cup.  They were tasty and my mind has already started spinning as to the possibilities you could fill these babies with. :)

*After dinner we treated the kids to Rite Aid in honor of Cam's great report card/parent conference.  They both got cotton candy (holy cow is that stuff nasty looking AND tasting!!). :)

*I've started buying 5 dozen eggs at a time because we go through them fast.  I usually use 5-6 egg whites most mornings for Chris' breakfast.  I'm curious if the good protein is in the white or the yolk??  Hmmm...

*The kids got a lot of Easter candy in their baskets when we celebrated this past weekend with Chris' family.  It's nice that they forget all that they got because I snagged both of their Sees mini boxes and stashed them away for myself. :)


Mindy Lu said...

Great Deal at Target this week. Eggs are 99 cent a doz! Stock up!
~ Mindy

Anonymous said...

I want to know what you come up with with the Wonton wrappers. I bought some & made one thing and ended up throwing the rest out (because I was too lazy to come up with other things to use them for.)