Friday, March 22, 2013

*I'm so proud of my little guy.  He saved his Christmas money and combined it with allowance (and a few bribes from my dad to ride scary rides at Disneyland) to buy his latest Lego set.  He was VERY excited to make his big purchase yesterday. :)

*Today was the last day of Cam's spring break.  I'm a little sad as we've had a lot of fun filling our blank slate days. :)

*We are celebrating Easter with Chris' family this weekend.  I'm attempting homemade refried beans for the first time.  I'm anxious to see if there is a big taste difference between them and the canned.

*Today I was helping Cam complete his "pick up Zoe poop" chore.  I'm going to be honest and say that I kind of enjoy picking up dog poop.  I liken it to my enjoyment of changing the kids' poopy diapers.  I get GREAT satisfaction when it is complete, making it kind of an exciting task. :)

*I'm not sure if Crocs are still in style or not, however I really could care less.  With the warm weather this past week, I was again reminded at how wonderfully easy they are since they are quick and Kendall can put them on herself. :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on saving for your big purchase, Cam!

Mindy Lu said...

We have a LOT of "poopies" to clean up at our place. And they are BIG, so you can't miss them. Wanna come hang out? Maybe the park across the street will tempt even you more? :-)
~ Mindy