Sunday, March 17, 2013

snippets from our weekend

*Yesterday Kendall and I attended a birthday party for the daughter of some friends.  It was a "girls only" party, which I made a big deal about, letting her wear her Easter dress.  She was quite excited.  The party was incredibly cute with four craft stations for the girls.  There was a fruit/veggie tray with foods in each color of the rainbow.  For purple, they had beet chips, which I LOVED and am now determined to find a recipe for...much to Chris' chagrin :)

*While we were at the party, Cameron and Chris hung out with Chris' brother's family, then we all met up afterward.

*Today after church and nap, Chris got to work on our backyard which needed some attention. :)

*While Chris was outside the kids and I did some play with food coloring, water, and baking powder (thanks, Teresa, for this idea!).

*Amidst trying to keep the food coloring OFF their clothes, I made some cupcakes for our neighbor, who had loaned us his lawnmower (our mower is still broken due to our beloved dog chewing through a cord).  I topped them with maple frosting.  Quite yummy!

*Chris is on his way home from a Home Depot run right now ready to BBQ a fridge full of 20 lbs. of chicken.  Tonight we rented the new James Bond movie, which I've heard great things about!  


Anonymous said...

Chris looks like the most enjoyable part of his day was mowing!

Jessica said...

I need to try that with the food coloring and baking soda!

Did you like the movie? Matt and I both really enjoyed it.

Teresa DiMillo said...

You are so welcome! How did the kids like it?