Friday, March 8, 2013

*What were my kids watching in this pic that has them absolutely captivated??  The weirdest movie I've ever seen checked out from our library...Castle in the Sky.

*Had a fun speaker today at Tmoms who spoke about cupcake decorating.  She mentioned that she hadn't made many from scratch, but figured they would be more cost effective then boxed cake mixes.  I've actually heard the opposite.  I've heard that when you get a cake mix on sale (like I just got a few for 88 cents), they are actually cheaper than making cupcakes from scratch.

*I do not see EITHER of the Bachelor's final two with Sean.  :(  Ahhh...why did he let Dez go???

*Tomorrow we are leaving for a weekend up north with my in-laws.  Upon our return I have already prepped Kendall that we wil begin, "Operation Sleep in Undies Overnight"!!  She is actually quite excited.  We'll see how excited we BOTH are in the middle of the night while changing sheets!!  :)

*A few weeks back I sent two of my friends (Jen and Chalet) "pictures of the day" for a period of five days.  Each day was a set of random pictures from our past, from jr. high all the way through college.  This one was a picture of us in 7th grade.  To the right is a souvenir we got when we went to go see a taping of Saved By the Bell, The College Years.  We thought we were ULTRA cool for seeing this show live!  Ahhh...Zack Morris :)


Anonymous said...

You go, Kendall-girl! You can do it!

Jessica said...

I was wondering the same thing, if the box mix was actually cheaper than making them from scratch. I guess she meant if you are making a huge amount it's cheaper and probably easier to make them in bulk, because I know that a 25 lb. bag of flour is cheaper than buying only the small bag. Plus with a box mix you still have to use eggs and oil.

Teresa DiMillo said...

An idea for Kendall and the sheet changing, (IF that has to happen) buy a table cloth from the 99 Cent store and put it under her sheets to protect the mattress. I did that for the 1st few weeks because its way cheaper than the mattress protecter sheets sold at Kohl's or target. Luckily, we didn't even need it :)

Sister Su said...

Love your picture of the day idea!!! =) Too fun!!

But the cake mix has so many icky ingredients in the ingredients list. =)