Tuesday, March 5, 2013

*I'll let you in one of my pet peeves.  I watch Food Network as well as read cooking blogs a lot.  I often hear/read comments that irk me somewhat (totally petty, I'll admit up front).  Here they are with what I want to say in response:

   --"I'm from Texas, so a love of good food runs in my blood."  Really?  So if you AREN'T from Texas, you can't love good food as much???

  --"We are Italian, so all of our family gatherings are centered around food."  Really??? Aren't MOST cultures' family gatherings centered around food?  In fact, what family gathering ISN'T centered around a big meal?

I guess I get irritated when people claim ownership on the love of good food or cooking simply because they are from a certain region of the U.S.  I think loving yummy food is a universal thing, right?  :)

*My two little T-ball'ers...both at 3 years old (this past weekend was opening day for Kendall).

*Last night I made a dish for the kids I had been wanting to try for a long time, healthy mac and cheese. Ingredients?  Milk, whole wheat pasta, and cheese.  You cook the pasta IN the milk, then add the cheese.  The kids really liked it and it was sooo easy!!  Here is the recipe I found on Pinterest.


Mindy Lu said...

AMEN about the Food Network comments. So true. That is what heaven is all about, gathering around the banquet table. YUMMO!

Sister Su said...

I think you are silly about that pet peeve - ha! =)