Tuesday, February 26, 2013

big success and HUGE bomb

This past week we checked out a science book from the library.  This afternoon we attempted one of the experiments with great succes.  I'll admit even I was pretty excited by it! :)  We made corn starch goo.  It's so neat because it's crumbly when you play with it, but as soon as it sits still, it turns to goo. Very fun, as you can see in this video...

Later this evening I attempted another experiment...serving roasted beets with dinner.  A couple girls at my Tmoms table had mentioned them and said how yummy they were.  I have to say that I have not gotten this type of response in a long time:

Cameron:  Nasty face
Chris:  Gagged
Kendall:  Spit them out (staining her clothes)
Kelly:  Enjoyed them :)

I drizzled them with honey and balsamic and then salted them.  I thought they were quite tasty, though I might prefer them with something else as opposed to by themselves.  But it doesn't really matter what I prefer because I can tell you I won't be making them again. Ha!


Jessica said...

hAHAHAHA, sorry! My kids hated them too, but I always make things for Matt and I that they don't like. I actually liked them WAY better the second time I made them for some reason. I think the honey helped.

I've also made a salad that included roasted beets that was to die for. Arugula, with roasted beets (thinly sliced), then panko crusted fried goat cheese medallions and candy walnuts, with my fresh orange vinaigrette. oh my, it was divine. Not sure if that would pass all of your food qualifications ;) But it was by far our favorite salad ever. We had it in Hawaii and then I re-created it.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I like cooked beets with just butter and salt, but haven't had them in ages. Did the kids play with the cornstarch goo very much?