Friday, February 22, 2013

*Cold weather go away.  You are not wanted nor appreciated.

*Yesterday morning I convinced Kendall to let me "curl" (or use my big crimper) her hair.  It made her look so cute!

*We had Cam's IEP yesterday afternoon.  It went really well.  It's always fun to hear others give insight and tell cute stories about your child.

*Trips to Winco typically involve a stop in their bulk candy aisle.  One of my VERY favorites are the yogurt covered pretzels.  In general I have pretty good willpower when it comes to having sweets around the house.  I've learned that it is not so with these little guys.  I think I need a little break from them for a while. :)

*I wanted to do something fun today with the kids.  After school pick-up we headed to Chuck E Cheese.  I still had a bag of tokens from a previous visit.  The kids loved it and I love that they are always fine with only staying about 20 minutes (I like to spread out our token usage so we can get more trips out of what I initially buy).

Afterward we walked across the street to run around a duck pond, located in front of a large office building.  However this was cut short when a receptionist poked her head out of the building and told them to skidaddle as, "...they might fall in the water.."  Oops :)


*Today's moms' group included a panel on marriage, which was really neat.  Not that we by any means have the perfect marriage, but after 11 years of hearing talks on marriage at various church events, you tend to hear the same stuff quite often.  :)


Jessica said...

I've really enjoyed the panels at Tmoms this year.

Good thing you don't live somewhere that is actually really cold versus So Cal, with our mild winters ;-) maybe you should start wintering in Palm Springs ;-)

Teresa DiMillo said...

I've really enjoyed the panels this year as well. This one in particular, was quite informative, as well as entertaining.