Tuesday, February 12, 2013

*Do you know what is fun?  Standing in the frigid weather waiting to buckle Kendall into the car while she insists on taking her jacket off herself.  It's also fun to get impatient and do the zipper myself, only to have her get so upset that I didn't let HER do it that I have to re-zip the jacket in order to allow her to complete the entire process.  :)

*Update on my "Chocolate Healthy Bars" I posted about several days ago:  Neither kid now likes them.  However they do eat them if it's the only thing offered. So I can at least get rid of this batch and I know not to make them again. :)  Oh well, you win some you lose some.  My homemade Cheez-its are still a hit, so that is good.

*Kendall had her first T-ball practice yesterday.  She did great and Cam was a good helper.  He REALLY got into his job I gave him of officially welcoming each family at the gate with, "Welcome to the Giants' baseball field!"

Really like AshLee and think she is definitely in the running for Sean.  Sidenote:  I don't think she and I could be friends.  She is WAY too perfect looking and I would feel like a frumpy mess!!  :)

Still my favorite. :)  Dez is so cute and down to earth...however I'm a tad scared about previews for next week and her brother!!!  

Lindsey and Catherine:  Sorry, I don't really think there is a chance for you. :(

*While playing with her doll today:
Kendall:  This baby was in my tummy!
Me:  She was?!  Wow!
Kendall:  Yes, and when she was in there she saw Jesus and the baby.  Then she came out.  That's how it works!
Me:  Really?  Interesting! :)


Unknown said...
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Amanda Glenn said...

I don't care who wins the Bachelor now that Tierra "I can't control my eyebrow" is gone!! lol

Anonymous said...

Glad Kendall did well at her first T-ball practice and that the new dugout manager enjoyed his role of welcoming the families. :)