Friday, February 8, 2013

*A friend and I were talking the other day about how she has no desire to attempt camping with the kids (at the ages they are currently).  I told her that I have zero desire to take the kids up to the snow (seeing as I despise weather even remotely cold).  However I must say that the enthusiastic reactions I got from my kids today with the very small amount of snow we got might push me to take them to the mountains.  :)

*I LOVE streusel topping.  This morning my friend made some banana bread for my Tmoms table.  She topped it with a brown butter streusel topping she had made before which was amazing (couldn't find the recipe on your Pinterest, Jessica). This time I snagged a piece for Cameron as I left...however the topping of the bread mysteriously disappeared on the ride to school.  :)

*I learned something new today from Cam's homework.  Our state flower is not, in fact, a poppy!  Take a look... 

soooo cute!! :)

*Agenda tonight:  Costco for dinner and groceries...

-Skinny Cow
-Rice Milk

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Jessica said...

I'm glad you liked the topping because you were the primary reason I made it, I was afraid half the girls wouldn't eat it, lol. I'll have to look up that recipe and find it for you... For the unhealthy version :-)

My kids had a blast in the snow today, we got at least four inches. I personally like being able to go inside to warm up, since my kids don't have proper snow gear they get really cold really fast.

Did you actually make it out tonight in the snow?