Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

*Chris had a super early bootcamp class this morning so he picked up a couple of heart shaped donuts on the way home for the kids.  Kendall's looks like the size of her face, which it wasn't...well, let's be honest, it almost was!.

*Our plans for tonight?  A romantic dinner for four at Wienerschnitzel :)  I'm actually really looking forward to it because 1) My kids love it and 2) I LOVE their pretzel buns!!

*Yesterday I took the kids for a short hike after we picked up Cam from school.  We decided next time it might be wise to wait a little longer after a rain to go hiking.  It was VERY muddy.  However Kendall enjoyed stopping at EVERY SINGLE patch of snow to eat some of it. :)

*I learned about this Nuttzo stuff on a blog and am quite intrigued.  They have it at Clark's, which right there tells you it's going to be expensive. :)  But I might stop by if I'm in the area.

*Watched a cute movie on Hallmark, Be My Valentine.  I think it's on again tonight if anyone is interested! :)

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