Monday, February 4, 2013

*In an effort to expand the kids' snack pile, I found a great recipe today, Double Chocolate and Prune Energy Bars.  I think they are very good, as long as you bite into them not expecting a brownie :)  I put fewer chocolate chips in the actual bars in order to save some for the top, making them appear like they had chocolate chips throughout.  Did Cam love them?  Hmmm..."love" is a strong word :)  Did he like them enough to eat?  Yes!  That's all I needed!  :)

*Today I took Kendall to the Fire Station tour with my moms' group.  We both had a fun time. :)

This picture cracks me up because it is Kendall to a tee.  You can see all the kids lined up in front...with Kendall in the back being held by me.  She is quite shy in groups and would not really venture more than a foot away from me the whole time. :)

*Chris' parents sent the kids a Valentines package today.  Inside were also a couple packages of Dove dark chocolate pieces for myself (I think Dove makes the best dark chocolate).  Oh how I love these little gems.  And how I love the new flavor they included, Dove Silky Smooth Sea Salt Dark Chocolate.  Wow.


Jessica said...

Those chocolates sound yummy :-)

The energy bars however do not sound yummy :-) hehe, however I'm all about making a healthy snack for my kids.

Anonymous said...

That is the CUTEST picture of all those little kids lined up on the yellow line listening to Mr. Fireman! Someday Kendall will laugh at her shyness.