Saturday, February 23, 2013

a couple funny "kendall's"

Yesterday evening Chris and I were trying to talk and Cameron was purposefully interrupting (putting his face really close to mine, putting a DVD in my face so I couldn't see Chris, etc.).  We both got super frustrated and told him to go upstairs until we were done talking.  Kendall followed him up and said:

"Cameron, I have to tell you 'somping'.  If you interrupt mommy and daddy again, you can't live with us anymore!"

This morning the kids were taking a bath.  Normally when I peek in, I see the the toys they've dumped out all over the floor.  This morning they decided only to throw the soap out and to pile the toys on the counter.  However I also discovered Kendall standing on top of the tub peeking out the window.  When I told her it was dangerous to stand there and that she needed to get down, she replied:

"But I have to stand because I want to toot standing up!!"

Ahhh...that makes sense.  Everyone needs to toot standing up, right??? :)

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susan said...

Oh those are funny!!!! =)