Monday, February 25, 2013

a little about me...

1.  What is your favorite Starbucks order?  Hot:  Soy White Mocha.  Cold:  Soy Coffee frappuchino with whip and caramel on top

2.  What's one thing in your closet you can't live without?  Since it's winter, my puffy vest I got for $10 at Target two years ago.  I live in that thing. :)

3.  What are two things that most people don't know about you?  Chris' family was quite surprised during our last visit to find out that I want to buy/ride Trikes with Chris when we retire.  I think they look super fun.  I can just picture us going on road trips.  Sidenote:  Chris is SOOO not on board with this :)

I will at some point get another tattoo (probably on the side of my foot) :)  It will be some sort of creation from Chris combining our and the kids' initials.  Sorry mom, it's gonna happen. :)

4.  What is one thing you want to do before you die?  Go on an outdoor, several day hike with Chris/friends, including kayaking, camping, and hiking.  But I'd like to be wimpy about it and do it through a company that will set up camp for us, guide the hikes, etc. :)

5.  What is one food you can't live without?  I know this isn't a food, but I LOVE hot drinks (hot chocolate, french vanilla cafe, etc.).  I have a cup a few times each day.  They are very comforting to me for some reason.  But I'm very particular in that I have to feel a little cold to drink one.  Sometimes I'll sit under a fan while I drink.  Weird...I know. :)

6.  What's the #1 song on your iPod?  I actually don't have any music on my iPod because I never listen to it. :(  I rarely listen to my own music other than the occasional radio time my kids allow me in the car. :)

7.  Pet peeve?  Leaving to go someplace and getting into a messy car.  I HAVE to clean out the car whenever we arrive home from someplace.  I'm not talking spotless.  There are always books strewn about in the back for the kids.  But jackets, cups, trash, etc. have got to be cleaned out before my next trip!!


Jana said...

Can I be one of the friends that goes on the days long hiking/kayaking trip? Please?!

Jessica said...

Fun post :) I will have to do this too.

I think that trike thing sounds like so much fun!!!

I don't think I knew you already had a tattoo?? This totally surprises me :)

Anonymous said...

A tatoo on the side of your foot? I say "go for it"--as long as it's a sterile tatoo place.

Cross-country on a Trike...hmmm, don't know about that. But since you want to do it when you retire, I'll be long gone and oblivious. :)