Saturday, April 6, 2013

*Apparently on FB several people are doing the "burpee challenge", doing then adding a burpee a day for 50 days.  Chris and I decided to do it until Kendall's birthday (May 7).  The kids really get into joining us and last night's "family burpee challenge" turned into a Jock Jams dance party...take a look...

*I've given up on trying to make my homemade tortillas as floppy as store bought ones.  So while they work for the kids' sandwiches, they don't work as well to fold for burritos.  Chris' brother introduced him to some unbaked ones from Costco.  While I don't really like having to cook one each time I need one, I DO like that they only have 5 ingredients.  Chris adores the taste also. :)

*Had hamburgers this week and bulked up the ground beef with purreed black eyed peas and oats.  Kids never knew what hit em'.  Ha!  :)

*I let the kids try one of my Skinny Cow sandwiches for dessert.  I figured Cam wouldn't finish his since it was ice cream.  He isn't a huge fan because it is so cold.  Kendall, on the other hand, had no problems at all demolishing it. :)

*CONFESSION: The other day I was cleaning out our fishbowl and our fish accidentally fell in the sink as I was switching the water.  I'll be honest...I paused for a good 10 seconds debating just letting him glide down the drain.  I'm kind of done being a fish owner especially since the kids don't really care about him anymore.  But I felt too guilty and ended up scooping him back up. :)


Anonymous said...

Okay--I don't know who is cuter dancing...the kids or you. I miss seeing you dance crazy.

Teresa DiMillo said...

The dance session was awesome! You've got rhythm! I enjoyed that, thanks for sharing. I love having dance parties with the kids. It's the best. I also hate cleaning out the fish bowl. It's a pain.