Tuesday, April 2, 2013

three things that make me happy

*Today Kendall REALLY wanted me to make a house out of a box she found.  She is generally a very happy kid, but she was over the moon for this thing.  I could not stop smiling simply at how jumping up and down excited she was.  So sweet...

*Whenever we let the kids pick some candy out at Winco (in their bulk bin section), Kendall always picks dried apples.  Go figure. :)  I have been determined to make my own and I did today.  SOOOO yummy!!!!  I found a whole bag of apples at our local fruit stand for $1 (they didn't have much life left in them).  I sliced them as thin as I could and just sprinkled a little cinnamon on top.  I can't tell you how excited I am.  This whole tray you see in the picture cost about 40 cents!!!

The only thing I might do differently next time would be to peel them.  The skins can get a little tough.

*Chris has been SO disciplined with his bootcamp class/working out.  I am constantly amazed when I hear the car leave at 4:45am to get to his 5:00am class.  Wow.  He also has been so disciplined in his eating.  Tonight when we went to some friends' house for dinner, they had what I would call his downfall, creamy pasta and yummy bread.  He was so good and reminded me on the way home how he had wanted to quadruple the portion he served himself. :)


Anonymous said...

So cute to see Kendall so excited over the box house...did you bake the apple slices or use a food dehydrator?...you, GO, Chris!!! That is soooo hard to do, and he's DOIN' IT! Wow! That's motivating to me too. Get goin', Donna.


Teresa DiMillo said...

Kendall looks so cute playing in that box. Simple pleasures. Just curious, did you guys give the dinner a rating?