Monday, April 8, 2013

When I get a giftcard for a clothing store I usually use it right away.  However when we get gift cards to restaurants we try and stretch them out.  So last night my parents came over to watch the kids while we headed out to our all time favorite, The Cheesecake Factory.  

My food all around was a 10+++!!! I ordered the veggie burger and tried their sweet potato fries.  My food was piping hot (which is a must if they are gonna receive a 10 from me!) and it was delicious!!!

I wanted to capture the color of the patty, which was a bright pink (due to the beets). :)

Knowing that if he suggested we get a piece of cheesecake (because it's my birthday next week) I would refuse, since I can't stomach spending $8 on a slice (even with a giftcard!), Chris snuck away to the waiter and surprised me with a birthday piece.  I told him afterward that I actually did not regret the money because this  Oreo Dream Extreme was AMAZING!!!!!!  

p.s. Funny sidenote: So after I JUST posted the other day about being done with taking care of our fish... what did Cameron win at a birthday party over the weekend???  Another fish.  :)


Anonymous said...

...but now Mikey (is that his name?) has a next door neighbor to look at through the glass. He was probably living a lonely existence.

Ahh, they wrote Happy Birthday in chocolate--fun.

You forgot to mention that you almost had a stomach ache when you got home from eating too much. :)

Teresa DiMillo said...

That Oreo Dream Extreme looks delicious!