Tuesday, April 16, 2013

*Today the kids and I went to the mall.  Afterward we headed to the 99 cent store so they could spend some of their $5 they each received from their great grandma this past weekend.  This was quite the incentive to behave, especially when I made them sit against the wall right beside the check out at Children's Place, rather than race around the store (which is what they did last time). :)

*This past Christmas Chris' mom gave me a few of the tiniest little glass bowls.  I LOVE them because they are perfect for the kids' waffle syrup.  They each hold about a tablespoon, yet it looks to the kids like they have a full bowl of syrup! :)

*About a month ago I went through a couple weeks of having a metallic taste in my mouth 24/7.  It finally went away but has now come back.  It is very annoying and baffling.

*Last night I made meatballs and mixed them with the sauce that goes with this recipe.  I swear I could drink this stuff.  It has soooo much flavor!!

*We are heading up to Chris' parents in a few weeks and we'll have an early birthday for Kendall along with our friends Matt and Jana (and their kids).  I'm going to try and tackle this cake.  I'm not good at fondant, but I've found that simply microwaving tub frosting makes it so you can pour it over the cake and it dries glossy.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it DOES look like they have a lot of syrup in the tiny bowls. I've noticed your kids dip very tiny dips of things...did you train them that way? It's great.

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR SWEET GIRL! I love you to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jessica said...

That cake is super cute, how fun!

The 99 cent store is always fun :-)