Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Yesterday morning I decided to drink my hot chocolate by the fire and the kids decided to sit on the other side of me.  I've now had four people ask my why on earth I had the fire going in weather like this.  :) For some reason I was just cold and since our fireplace is just a "flip the switch" with glass (kind of like a window), it's easy to turn it on for a few minutes when I need it.

Anyway, I won't explain how it happened because it would be hard to describe, but I had gotten up and Kendall tried to crawl on Cam's lap. Kendall then fell off the chair and braced herself against the very hot glass pane.

She burned the underpart of her forearm pretty badly and within just a few minutes we both were crying...she from the pain and I from seeing her in pain.  After a trip to Urgent Care, some heavy duty cream and Motrin, she was great and remained that way the rest of the day.  We are so thankful it wasn't worse (it ended up being a 2nd degree burn, which a bad sunburn can also be diagnosed as).

During all that, poor Cam stayed locked in his room with the noise machine on until school time since she was screaming pretty badly (as soon as it happend he ran up stairs lickity split!).  This morning Chris and I have already planned to put him in the car for school a few minutes early so Chris can help me change her bandage as we know that will most  likely involve some crying. :)

Here is my little brave girl with her "pretend cast". :)


Jessica said...

Poor you and her! Good thing little ones are so resilient, I think we remember the trauma more than them!

And I have to admit when I read Chris post I also wondered where on earth you were with a fireplace on in this weather, but I figured knowing you it was probably just because you like hear :-) I always wish we had a fireplace like that! If one of our kids fell against our wood burning stove, they would get third degree burns.

Hope that the bandage change goes well!

Teresa DiMillo said...

Poor Kendall, and you! Praying for a speedy recovery!