Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Whenever we go to Disneyland my mom always packs dinner for the adults.  The past couple of times she has included sweet pickles on my deli sandwich and I'm officially a huge fan.  I used to think I hated them, but I now don't want a sandwich without them. :)  This got me thinking about the foods I hated as a kid but now enjoy...

Used to hate:

*Sour Cream
*Tomatoes (okay I don't LOVE these, but I at least tolerate them now)
*Bell Peppers

Still hate:

*Most seafood
*Anything remotely spicy
*Fruit in dessert--hehe... I don't "hate" this, but think it's against nature :)

Sidenote:  I googled pictures of sandwiches with pickles to include on this post and I found quite a few of peanut butter with pickle sandwiches.  I think I should start a, "never will try in a million years" list! Yuck!

p.s. Our little patient has been doing amazingly well.  You would never know she burned her arm except for her bandage and that she literally holds it up all the time like it actually is in a stiff cast (quite funny).  :)  Even changing/cleaning her bandage goes well (though Chris and I get a tad squeamish looking at it!).

I've really been liberal in allowing her pie (pacifier) during this "special time of having a boo-boo".  Tomorrow I'll crack back down. :)


Jessica said...

That sandwich looks soooo gross!!!! haha. I guess I could make quite a list too, because I used to not like things and now there's almost nothing I don't like! Although, I have to say I dont' care for sweet pickles. I like them super sour. Matt loves sweet pickles and I never think to buy them because I don't care for them.

Too bad you hate seafood, you really are missing out ;)

Glad Kendall is doing well!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, they were bread-and-butter pickles, not sweet pickles.

What is the name of the medicine urgent care gave you for putting on her arm? I know the nurse told you it was amazing stuff.


Kelly said...

It's called Silver Sulfadiazine and I think you can get it over the counter. I really think this is what caused it to heal so quickly. Nurse told me also that it's pretty amazing stuff for burns.

Teresa DiMillo said...

You and I are on the same page when it comes to dessert, I don't like nuts in my dessert either, I feel like, "It's dessert, don't try to healthy it up with fruits and nuts!"

Glad Kendall is doing so well with the bandage changes.

Anonymous said...

My food list would be the same as yours with the exception of sour cream which I still dislike. =)

Susan =)