Saturday, April 20, 2013

some randoms

*Like my new blog?  Thanks Chris! :)

*Two years ago we went to IKEA and Cam has mentioned it several times since.  He even remembered it was Exit 37 off the 10 freeway :)  So since he didn't have school yesterday we took a trip and it didn't disappoint.  Both kids LOVED the play area and wanted to stay longer.

Kendall enjoyed pretending the rooms were her own. :)

I couldn't go there and NOT get the kids their $1 humongous cinnamon rolls!  This healthy lunch was accompanied by cornbread (in my opinion it was more like yellow cake with a dash of cornmeal!) :)

*On the way home we stopped by Costco for:
-Frozen veggies
-Feta Cheese

*Cameron recently learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.  He now loves to ride his bike whereas before he never wanted to (I realized it was because his training wheels were always tilted, making it unstable feeling).

*A friend of mine gave me a copy of Jesus Calling for kids.  While it's a great book, I think my kids aren't quite old enough for it.  So we are just going back through The Jesus Storybook Bible.  I read it each morning while they are eating breakfast.  I feel like they are less distracted since they are eating. :)

*A blog I follow posted this and I thought it was soooo true.  While I'm not a huge Pinterest user, I AM big on browsing cooking blogs, cooking magazines, and cookbooks.  Yet I have to admit that I rarely try most of the things I see.  I need to work on that. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a cool design--and I love the shirt the girl's wearing. :)

Anonymous said...

NO!!!! I can't believe it!!! You changed your blog look!!! Wow, seriously, it is about time! hahahaha =) I really really really like it!

We love Ikea too. They don't have those cinnamon rolls here though...

Sister Su =)

Mindy Lu said...

New blog looks great!

I like to pretend the rooms at IKEA are mine too. Especially the kitchen and offices. Oh, and the livingrooms, and the bedrooms. Oh, who am I kidding... ALL OF THEM! :-)

Jessica said...

Your blog looks cute!!

Who knew Ikea could be so much fun :-) we'll have to join you next time.

Yay for getting rid of the training wheels!