Sunday, May 19, 2013

not quite as I had anticipated

We have some friends who surprised their son with a trip to Disneyland a few weeks back.  They were so excited and the day ended up being somewhat of a bust due to two fussy kids.  I texted her, "Isn't that always how it happens?  We build up this awesome experience with our kids in our minds only to be disappointed because it doesn't go how we had imagined??"  :)

Along those lines, remember that adorable doll house I found for super cheap on Craig's List for Kendall's birthday?  Guess how many times she has played with it since she got it two weeks ago?  Two.  Yep, two. I've noticed that her choice for pretend play is more with scenarios, rather than having a doll in each hand.

For instance...she LOVES it when I get down the bag of random party items (leftover napkins, cups, streamer, etc.).  She'll spread them across the room and talk to imaginary people about her party she is having.

She likes to find bags or bowls and fill them with random things, all the while talking to some imaginary person about her "store" or some other scenario.  Here she is with my old purse, some notecards, and lottery tickets (she loves to snag a few every time we go to the store...go figure!).

Let's just say I'm REALLY glad that dollhouse was only $30.  But I'm sure this is just a phase and hopefully she'll put it to some good use in the future. :)

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Jessica said...

I guess all children like to play differently :) HOw cute that Kendall likes scenarios :) WHo knows, she might take to her doll house at some point, but at least if she doesn't you hardly spent any money on it! I was so nervous buying Alayna that $100 doll house that she'd not like it and I'd regret buying it, so I have been very happy she plays with it every single day.