Saturday, May 18, 2013

snapshots of the past couple days

Yesterday I wanted to take the kids to Chuck E' Cheese since our last attempt didn't end well due to the car chase ending right in front of the building.  However Kendall has an eye infection so I didn't feel quite right having her little hands all over the games.  We settled for a beautiful hike up in Oak Glen. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. 

This afternoon we headed out to the desert.  First stop was Costco for lunch and a few groceries.  Best sample? Chocolate Mousse Cake. I think it's a tad tacky to go back for a second sample...however...ummm...I guess I made an exception for this cake.  Yum!


It was a hot one so the kids needed lots of water/shade breaks during their bike ride...

...however it wasn't too hot for some wrestling :)

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Anonymous said...

Send us some sun! It's cold and gray, and I'm in sweats and drinking hot tea over here. =) Can't wait to join you for some of those hikes!

-Sister Su