Wednesday, May 1, 2013


*Picking Cameron up from school and then heading to Costco today for...

-Whole Wheat English Muffins -- 1/2 of one with PB + a protein smoothie is a great breakfast for Chris
-Sharp cheese block
-Ground beef ("Chubs") -- I have yet to find ground beef THIS lean for THIS cheap

*Cam has been into various Lego sets off and on.  His enthusiasm for a set has now reached an all time high with the Lego Volkswagen Van.  Holy Cow.  He loves watching Youtube videos of people putting it together and we'll often hear, "I just can't stop thinking about it!", "I just can't wait to put it together!".

The problem?  It's for ages 16+ AND it's $116.  Save your allowance, Cam!! :)

*Cameron has decided he doesn't like cheese in any form except on pizza.  He also won't drink milk.  He loves yogurt, but I HATE the amount of sugar in it.  I finally broke down today and bought Dannon All Natural.  I figure if he is going to consume all that sugar, at least it won't be alongside all the hard to pronounce chemical ingredients in other yogurts. :(

*I found a pretty cheap bike for Kendall on Craig's List.  She is way overdue on one as she outgrew her's a while ago. :)  We are going to take a look at it Saturday. :)

*Remember the fish Cam won at a party that I was annoyed with having to take care of?  He died a while ago and it took FOUR DAYS for the kids to even notice he was missing! Apparently they weren't too attached!


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Charlee said...

We use coconut milk or almond milk products because Aubree is now sensitive to dairy protein. I get coconut milk yogurt plain and add in vanilla or fruit myself. The almond milk has a lot of calcium at times more than milk and a lot less fat if he wants it to drink.