Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th and french fried onions

Our 4th of July started with Chris and Kendall heading out so Cam and I could watch Harry Potter. You know how Disneyland is fun, but it's REALLY fun through the eyes of your kids? That is how this experience was. It was SO much fun for me to watch as Cam gave me a running commentary and was just as excited as ever to be watching. :)

Later we headed to my parents for a BBQ. My mom even bought fig jam as a burger spread, which was really yummy!!

Here they are playing Wii bowling.

After lunch, we came back for our annual block party. Our friends, Jason and Breanna, came over and we had such a fun afternoon. Our neighbors went all out, creating an entire mini carnival complete with games, tickets, and prizes.

Ladder golf:

This was the first year that our kids literally played almost the entire time, leaving us to actually relax!

It tells you how much fun Cameron was having that he wanted to stay up to see the fireworks. Normally he is very conscious of how late things go and and how far past his bedtime we have gone. :)

Today was desert day. Our first stop was Costco where we were excited to find large tubs of french fried onions. They were much cheaper than at the grocery store. I've mentioned before that just a small spoonful adds a ton of flavor to wraps, veggies, etc., so this was a good find. :)

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Anonymous said...

What a FUN party on your block!! So glad the kids had such an awesome time!