Monday, July 28, 2014

post office

*Right now Chris is up in San Francisco with some of his family. They are spending the night tonight after attending a Giants game. He's been really excited for this. :)

*We had a playdate this morning with a boy from Cam's school. They had a Magic Eight Ball and my kids were so enamored with it that they let us borrow it for a while. I think they've finally figured out that it doesn't REALLY know the answers to their questions ;)

*I know coconut oil is "the thing" right now. I've never bought it before but my sister got a two-pack at Costco and so I bought one off her to try. I figure I can use it in the kids' muffins, waffles, etc. If it is as healthy as everyone claims, why not!?

*Cameron's version of heaven? Post Office boxes. Numbers, numbers, numbers... :)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, there's our numbers guy. And he even caught Auntie Susan in a mathematical mistake last night. HA!