Friday, July 18, 2014


*Made some spinach brownies this week. Super yummy and just like the kale ones I've made in the past, the kids can't tell what is in them! :)

*Still plowing my way through Felicity. Sometimes in the morning I'll use it as an incentive to get up a little early so I can relax and watch a few minutes after my workout (before the kids wake up).

*I'm not sure I have adequately prepared Chris for the basket case that I will most likely be the first week (...or two...or three...) both my kids will be in school and I'm by myself. I honestly cannot let my mind even go there or I'll start to cry.

*I think Susan and I have crammed more cousin time into the last two days than the kids could have hoped for. Tonight is dinner at our place (also with my parents).

Frozen Yogurt yesterday:

*Our dishwasher had not been working well for a while. A few weeks back I just stopped using it all together. As long as I stay on top of the dishes (washing as I cook, putting dry dishes away every time I walk by the sink, etc.), I actually love never having to unload the dishwasher. We ran it A LOT and every single morning I would wake up to a full load needing unloading. It's quite nice not having that and you really do get used to doing them right after you are done with a meal.

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Jessica said...

(hugs) I'm sad too about Alayna starting school. I'm so excited I still get two days a week with her. It was the thought of that that made me want another! It will be sad for a bit and then you will adjust to a new normal. Vacations and breaks will seem extra fun now :) on the plus side at least you still get a half day with both of them since they are out so early.

Since you've been apart from your sister for so long of course you have to get in lots of time together :)