Sunday, July 13, 2014


We just got home from our time in Reno. I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful time we had with Chris' side of the family. So many great memories were made. :)

I think everyone would agree that our day at lake Tahoe ranked top at the list. I LOVED their kayak and it confirmed again how much fun a vacation based around kayaking would be for me someday. 

Another highlight for everyone was the fact that both Chris' mom (after her heart surgery) and his grandma were able to make the trip. Even though they had to take it easy, I think it was fun for them (and us!) to be there.

Chris got to play golf twice, something he loves doing with family. The kids and I enjoyed our own outings while they were gone including the awesome kids' museum we visited last year.  

Cameron had been VERY excited to play Monopoly with some fresh opponents. 

The kids got to go on several walks/hikes. Noonie and Deb live in the most gorgeous forested area with amazing trails. Here are Kendall and Deb after a walk.

Our way back home.

While we didn't make any stops on the way up, we took a detour back to Chris' parents on the way home. It was nice to break up the trip back and spend a couple nights with his parents. Cam got a new game (Life) and we have now played three times in two days. I actually like it better than Monopoly so I'm glad he made the purchase. :)

The only thing I wish I got a picture of was around the dinner table. Each night we ate out on their patio and this was SOO nice. It was great to just relax, talk, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. I had brought a "bag o'questions", which we only delved into a couple times as there was always plenty to talk about. 

Such a fun trip!


Anonymous said...

Wow! How blessed you are to have such a great vacation--and wonderful family to have it with! Sounds just perfect!

Jessica said...

That first picture of the lake is amazing... Looks beautiful. I love Tahoe. Looks like a super fun trip!!

Teresa DiMillo said...

Looks like such a fun trip! I would love to kayak, but if it tips over, the chance of my hair getting wet is too high ;-) So glad you had a great trip, looks like the kids had a blast!