Thursday, July 31, 2014

tight pants

*Fingerprints Museum with my sister and her kids:

*We were excited for Chris to get home yesterday afternoon. The kids were even more excited when he took out two Giants Pez dispensers. :)

*Want to know a HUGE pet peeve with my kids (which we are constantly working on)?? I've told them several times that they can't bring their friend inside the house to ask me if their friend can come inside. They need to come in and ask me privately so I don't feel like a lame jerk if I would rather not have friends over at that time. Yesterday it was close to dinner and the kids were going to watch a show. I told Cam that it wasn't the time for friends to come in. So when our neighbor knocked on the door, Cam held it wide open (with the kid standing there) and yells, "Mom, are you sure Jaden can't come in???" Ugh. :)

*A couple weeks ago Chris showed the kids a video clip that was an instant hit and has now become a daily request. Disclaimer: If you show your kids, make sure to watch it first so you know when to shut it off. A couple minutes in he uses a swear word, so we never watch the entire clip. If you are a Will Ferrell fan, you'll love it. It's VERY funny. :) Here is "Tight Pants".

*Chris and his brother have always teased their dad that he owns nothing but khaki shorts. He probably has a dozen pairs. When Chris was visiting this past weekend, he decided to add a "cycle" to their washing machine. :)

*Today the kids and I went to IKEA. It's such a fun place to explore. :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the new cycle on their machine! :)