Thursday, July 3, 2014

square box vs. rectangular box

*This past Monday the quads, from across the street, joined us at Celebration Park. The kids had a blast. They've spent pretty much every day together this week and it is so nice not to feel like we have to have every day planned to the brim since I know several hours will be taken up with some "quad play". :)

*I made a triple batch of Chris' favorite treats, German Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. Some will be for our trip to Reno next week and some for our block's 4th of July party tomorrow. I used a cake mix to make the cookies this time. They came out nice and thick, not flat like my homemade ones usually are.

*This was my picture text to Chris today: "How are these, you tissue snob?" I recently learned that he hates tissues that come in the square boxes (vs. rectangular). He claims that every time you pick one, the whole box comes with it. :)

*Cam and I finished the first Harry Potter book tonight. Tomorrow morning he and I have a movie date. Chris will take Kendall out for a while so we snuggle up and enjoy the movie. I've told him that I will be the judge as to whether it's too scary or not and we may skip some parts. Even still, he is beyond excited. So, so, so excited.

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Teresa DiMillo said...

I haven't tried those German chocolate cake sandwiches before. They look delicious!! If they are anything like those chocolate cheesecake bite thingys you made for our preschool play group graduation, I MUST have some!! (Please) btw, may I have the recipe for those, I'd like to try to recreate them. :)